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QuixTec delivers first-class custom software on time and within budget.

Our expert IT engineers build applications people love to use.

To prove our expertise, we back every enterprise level solution with a one-year bug-free warranty!

Highly-skilled and vetran staffing to help your teams throughout the delivery lifecycle.

Custom Development

The perfect solution for your business created by our expert and experienced solution developers.

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SharePoint Expertise

Expertly developed, SharePoint solutions including customized workflows, data management and everything in between.

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Ransomware Protection

Top-rated, affordable and powerful Disaster Recovery and Ransomware Protection - guaranteed recovery in 15 minutes or less.

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BizTalk Development

Middleware processing for automated message transformation and correlation to simplify message handling.

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Staffing & Outsourcing

Your staffing needs taken care of with the highest quality IT outsourcing and offshore software development.

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The Challenge

Your business needs customized software development solutions, but how can you manage the risks and expenses that come with it?

Most development projects cost a fortune and you get charged even when the contracted resources are idle. On top of that, if you discover a bug after 30 days, you’ll have to fork over even more to get it resolved.

Your customized knowledge-base is often undocumented, so once contractors leave, your in-house staff is unable to resolve issues that come up.

Unfortunately, Ransomware is a very real and growing threat, and if your business is a target, you could lose your entire investment, or worse, your business might come to a complete standstill.

Your investment deserves better. Your business deserves better. You deserve better.

The Challenge
QuixTec to the rescue!

The Fix

FIRST, we solve your immediate needs, expertly and affordably.

SECOND, we ensure your total peace of mind.

THIRD, through a number of offerings, many free, we help you become self-sufficient.

FOURTH, no long-term, locked-in contracts. Rely upon us only when you need quick and efficient help.

We call this “Business Bulletproofing”.

The Details

Business Bulletproofing

Our 25+ years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, small start-ups and everything in between taught us that company heads, no matter the size, have one thing in common - they want to have the peace of mind that their critical business operations are safe and secure.

To achieve this, QuixTec bulletproofs your business with comprehensive offerings that guarantee your peace of mind for an entire year. Everyone in your company will feel secure knowing that Backup, Fast Recovery and Ransomware Protection are included and guaranteed in our software development packages.

How do we do this?

  • Our experts document your knowledge base and keep IP within the company.
  • One-of-a-kind, end-to-end solutions, no other company in the business offers.
  • Our code will be 100% free from defects for an entire year - we guarantee it!
  • Our world-class DRaaS is highly rated by Gartner's and selected by Google.
  • We protect your business operations with a free TB of Disaster Recovery.

QuixTec is the only company in the IT industry to offer these affordable packages of guaranteed performance AND security.

What is Business Bulletproofing?
Savings and Security

The Results!

Savings and Peace of Mind

We understand how outrageously expensive project management, development and IT resource roles can be. That’s why we price our services 20% less than the competition. Don't believe it? Put us to the test and ask us for a free quote on your next project.

We also understand that the IT arena is oversaturated, and it can be difficult to find a true expert. That’s why we staff our company with IT experts with no less than 10 years of IT experience.

Finally, we understand that quality and budget are often in competition. So, we go a step further by offering our quintessential packages, which include FREE enterprise level security and are designed to reduce budget expenses without compromising quality.

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Business Bulletproofing Package Comparison

These are a few of our available business packages

List of Benefits Law Enforcement Small Business Mid-Size Business
Lowest Hourly Rate (Reduces when more hours are contracted) 1
One Year of Free Bug Coverage
Reduced Post-Delivery Support
1-year World Class Ransomware protection2
24x7x365 Follow-the-Sun-Support On Request On Request On Request
Budget Protection3
FBI CJIS Certified Disaster Recovery

1. Rates reduce based upon number of resources and number of hours.

2. Initial backup performed by QuixTec. Additional backups made by client or auto timer. Can be extended. Free with mid to large scale projects!

3. Budget Protection: Onshore may require minimum hours. Savings typical for medium and large projects.

‘*’ BitSecure – Registered trademark of QuixTec. Codebase is stored in a secure location for one year at no charge.

Call about these and our other specially designed packages.

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Enterprise Customers - contact us for plans to drive down costs and guarantee delivery.

We Guarantee Our Offerings

Richard Quatier

QuixTec is committed to improving the development and resource landscape forever! And only QuixTec protects you from Ransomware with 100% dedicated Disaster Recovery at NO CHARGE FOR ONE FULL YEAR! Gartner rated our DR offering from Infrascale as the most innovative in the industry.

I’m so confident that you will love our delivery capabilities and our Business Bulletproofing process that we will let you try our services RISK-FREE.

13 Things to be Aware of when Choosing a Traditional Resource Company

If you need to hire temporary IT experts - QuixTec solves many challenges.

Traditional Resource Agencies
QuixTec’s Business Bulletproofing

They charge you higher rates, telling you their staff is special and unique.

Quixtec resources are as expert as any in the IT industry, but often at more affordable rates!Quixtec resources are as expert as any in the IT industry, but often at more affordable rates!

They lock you into long-term contracts that charge you for unproductive resource time and project delays.

With QuixTec, you only pay for work performed, in other words, if we’re idle, you don’t pay. If we finish the work in 4 hours, you’re not obligated to pay for 8!

Your knowledge base leaves as soon as the contractors do because they don’t provide documentation.Your knowledge base leaves as soon as the contractors do because they don’t provide documentation.

We train your staff and provide reference documents.

Projects have a short warranty, leaving you with expensive resolutions when bugs are found.

Our work is guaranteed for up to one year, and we ensure that you retain the knowledge base.Our work is guaranteed for up to one year, and we ensure that you retain the knowledge base..

Guarantees are virtually non-existent. If there are bugs they fix them on your dime.Guarantees are virtually non-existent. If there are bugs, they fix them on your dime.

We know you’ll love our work and our people, so we back it with a guarantee.

Their prices are higher, and they don’t offer guarantees or high level of security.

You pay less, the experts get paid the same and everyone is happy.

You get bombarded by their constant attempts to convince you they need to bring in more of their staff.

We only staff IT professionals, so you won’t get bothered by sales people.

When an unexpected delay occurs in the project for many weeks, you still get charged.

QuixTec resources don’t bill hours during work stoppages. No matter what size the project is, savings are huge. QuixTec resources don’t bill hours during work stoppages. No matter what size the project is, savings are huge.

After-delivery Support is expensive - if you want their knowledge and expertise it doesn’t come cheap.If you want their knowledge and expertise for after-delivery support, it won’t be cheap.

An industry first, we offer a 1-year warranty on workmanship against bugs and defects.

No Ransomware Protection. If you are infected by Ransomware, you pay handsomely for it to be resolved… if they can even do it. Good luck with that.

We protect you from Ransomware, free for one year, with the same company Google uses – Infrascale.

Accidents happen, but they’ll bill you when they do. If someone accidentally erased an important file and your solution stops working. you’ll get charged.

We understand that human error is #2 on the list of disasters occurring within organizations, so we protect you for one year, for free.We understand that human error is #2 on the list of disasters occurring within organizations, so we protect you for one year, for free.

Short guarantees mean long-term expenses. If a hard drive crashes 11 months after delivery and the code base is lost, you’ll get billed a hefty fee to fix it.

No worries, with BitSecureTM Technology – proprietary to QuixTec, we can restore your code free, for up to one year.

A natural disaster occurs and a flood sticks your truck high in a tree..A natural disaster occurs and a flood sticks your truck high in a tree…

We can’t help you get your truck out of the tree, but if your IT department is out on a limb, QuixTec resources can implement the perfect technology solution that won’t scratch and ding your budget.

Try us RISK-FREE : (425) 367-9025

Become a Satisfied Customer with QuixTec

  • We were given a very hard task of completing a real estate project management and real estate asset management data base technology platforms and QuixTec has delivered on time, under budget with great results. I highly recommend and endorse QuixTec for all your technology needs. They're the best!
    Vahak Agojian World Vision Global Real Estate Director
  • Richard is a dependable partner whose precision approach will enable the right solution for your Business, while delivering on time and on budget.
    Johnnie Nevins
  • Richard was one of the most dedicated professionals through his work at Waferwire. Insightful, reliable and well educated Sr. Project Manager with a great skill to analyze and summarize ideas. Great, motivated and strong. Multi-skilled, open minded, wise and deadline oriented co-worker. His open-minded approach could not be overestimated. It's been a real pleasure working together with him. Creative Project Manager. Thanks to interpersonal skills he has great relations with both company clients and potential customers.
    Sean Van Norman NVN Consutling Inc. Management Consulting
  • Richard is a very driven, honest, and motivated individual. As a COO and CEO he has the unique ability to manage complex projects and meet milestones with multiple constraints.
    Karl Solid Solid Technology NW. LLC CEO - Managing Member
  • I hired QuixTec to help with project management of a BI project for a Fortune 100 client. The team did a great job. I can always rely on QuixTec as a valuable partner for my business.
    Mehul Kansara WaferWire Cloud Services Finance Director
Vahak Agojian - World Vision Johnnie Nevins Sean Van Norman - NVN Consutling Inc. Karl Solid - Solid Technology NW. LLC Mehul Kansara - WaferWire Cloud Services