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SharePoint, by Microsoft, is an extremely valuable work tool for businesses. It provides a comprehensive solution for connected information that enhances communication, coordination and performance. It enables you to transform the way you work and preserves the benefits of structured processes, compliance and existing IT investments.

It does all of this through a comprehensive, easily-managed and integrated platform that meets the needs of your business and offers the finest experience to the end user.

What’s great about SharePoint is that developers, architects, IT pros and project managers collaborate to cook up an extensive solution for your business. It is optimized for the way people and businesses function, giving you a familiar, consistent view of information, collaboration, and processing, alongside IT to respond adequately.

SharePoint has recently started to operate in a Hybrid environment - meaning, on-site and cloud environments are one in the same. Depending on your business requirements, this can make it much easier for you to find content through hybrid searching.

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In a nutshell, here’s everything SharePoint can give you:
  • Knowledge management
  • Team collaboration
  • Workflow and business processes automation
  • Effective corporate communications
  • Employee community-building
  • Personalized portal and workspace

Your business can thrive, without compromising quality, by intelligently cutting back on 3 things:

Unnecessary Effort
Unnecessary Effort

SharePoint For Business

  • Collaborate With Your Team
  • Optimize Your Search
  • Manage Your Content
  • Protect Your Contracts & Documents
  • Streamline Best Practices
  • Manage Projects Easily & Efficiently
  • Make Better Decisions
  • Monitor & Influence Employee Behavior
  • Integrate

Collaborate With Your Team

Portal & Collaboration

Your business is a shared environment, so it’s important that every member of your team can stay up to date and in the loop. Unfortunately, e-mail and memos don’t allow the necessary level of convenience and interaction that your team needs.

SharePoint gives you a space to effectively manage projects and communicate with your team members. It does so through an extensive platform where you and your team can collaborate, coordinate and share documents, calendars, newsletters, announcements, dashboards and much more.

You or any member of your team can simply sign in to SharePoint from any desktop or mobile device and use it to have 24-7 access to project statuses, client histories, coworker locations and schedules, and all other project related information.

Optimize Your Search

Optimized Search

SharePoint is like a virtual conference room where discussions, collaborations and seminars take place. All of the words in these communications and shared documents is automatically indexed. This allows you and your team to perform searches on anything contained in the documents you store on your network drive or in SharePoint.

Thanks to scaling capabilities and the ability to perform a hybrid search from content stored in both the cloud and on-site, the search generates results immediately, if not instantly.

Manage Your Content

Document & Content Management

Also referred to as the Intranet, Microsoft’s knowledge management system is often dubbed as an enterprise collaboration platform that allows prompt and reliable content management. SharePoint helps increase productivity through its rich Document Library Management feature, making it the best bet for efficiently publishing AND managing content.

Protect Your Contracts & Documents

Avoid Costly Mistakes with Contracts & Documents

SharePoint keeps your important documents safe with features like Version Control and Audit Trail that allow teams to collaborate and avoid costly mistakes (e.g. sending a customer the wrong version of a document or altogether losing a customer’s documents).

With SharePoint, you and your team can conveniently find, store, manage, track changes to and retain important content because documents are created, shared and maintained within the platform, instead of on hard drives, file servers or email, which are all prone to loss or damage.

Establish Best Practices

Establish Best Practices

SharePoint lets you use Wikis to easily create, maintain and locate best practices and standard operating procedures. You can also improve team collaboration and communication by establishing an Intranet Portal that is tailored to fit your organization’s structure and business processes.

Streamline Business Processes

Manage Projects Easily & Efficiently

SharePoint gives you the ability to leverage Outlook-integrated tasks, alerts and notifications. It also allows you to use Workflow Automation and Online eForms. These features can help you track team progress and improve and streamline business processes.

For instance, SharePoint can simplify and streamline the process an employee uses to request time off. If an employee wants to take a few days off, the SharePoint site will integrate with the company’s HR information system and show the employee how much PTO they have accrued. After submitting the form, which is automatically routed to the appropriate managers, an approval or disapproval is sent through an automated routing system.

Make Better Decisions

Make Better Decisions

Your SharePoint site is a space where you can post metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). You can also take advantage of at-a-glance SharePoint Dashboards that provide a holistic view of your business’ status by giving you the opportunity to analyze potential business concerns, such as profitability, and then share that information with others. SharePoint displays this data in a meaningful and understandable way to your employees, helping you make better decisions.

Monitor & Influence Employee Behavior

Monitor & influence Employee Behavior

Employees are the backbone of an organization, so it’s important to monitor their behavior to ensure their best performance. With SharePoint, you can adjust and track employee performance KPIs to motivate them to achieve company, department and individual goals by commending them and holding them accountable.



SharePoint enables the building of no-code solutions using various tools like Visio, Access Database, InfoPath and SharePoint designer. You can maintain control over end-user solutions using Sandbox, and you can use Business Connectivity Services (BCS) to search and utilize data outside SharePoint.

QuixTec’s SharePoint consulting services include information architecture, site branding and design, customization development, collaboration, search solutions, migration, upgrades, application integration, content management, mobility, social media, site and navigation taxonomy, governance, planning and deployment.

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The Process

Quixtec uses the time-tested SCRUM process, which has been universally adapted by the IT Industry.

We have worked under many different delivery frameworks for nearly 20 years.

SCRUM is less ridge, allowing customers to introduce changes mid development.


1. Envisioning

In this stage, we learn about your visions and then dream up the perfect solution for your business, so we can deliver something that works today and for all the tomorrows. Here, we’ll document every requirement, goal and expectation for your project.

Conceptualizing & Designing

2. Conceptualizing & Designing

We bring your dream to reality with Proof of Concepts and mockups. It’s better to find the sticking points before the code is written. In this stage, we see how everything fits together and where we might make improvements to the plan.

Time lines

3. Time lines

Need it yesterday? That’s probably the only requirement we can’t meet, but nobody delivers better, faster and more affordably. You know when you need delivery, and at this stage we workout a realistic timeline based on your project scope and budget.

Project Delivery Methodology

4. Project Delivery Methodology

This is where the SCRUM process really shines! At this stage, the project scope is finalized and may be divided into sprints or phases so more important requirements can be delivered first. It’s no problem if a new, more important requirement crops up, we can switch it with another equal-effort requirement/user story.

Team Creation / Augmentation

5. Team Creation / Augmentation

Time to assemble the team experts. This is where QuixTec protects your project budget the most. We can assemble an experienced team or augment yours with the perfect specialist.

Delivery / Testing / Backlog

6. Delivery / Testing / Backlog

Each delivered sprint is tested and bugs are recorded and either included in the next sprint/release or backlogged. Your application is now real, and with each new delivery it becomes livelier and closer to your vision. We know creativity is an ongoing process, so at this stage, the process is still nimble enough to make additions and changes. With almost every project we’ve delivered, more inventive ideas arise once applications begin to take shape and get used. We can handle all of them.

Documentation / Knowledge Transfer / IP Ownership

7. Documentation / Knowledge Transfer / IP Ownership

Documentation is the one thing that consistently seems to be missing when clients have had work performed by other development shops. Not at QuixTec! We want your new employee on-boarding to go as smoothly as possible. At this stage in the process, we write the “How To” manual and develop the training. We ensure that your business retains ownership of the IP and knowledge. We even protect your code by storing it securely for one-year, free of charge. Our process is called "Bit Secure".


8. Support

We ensure that your in-house staff can support the product, but if you want to offload it, our cost of support is lower than hiring an internal employee! We provide everything from environment support to application training and support. QUIXTEC is the ONLY company to offer a full-year guarantee that our workmanship will be free from bugs.

Free Disaster Recovery & Ransomware Protection

Choose Free Disaster Recovery & Ransomware Protection or Visual SP

INDUSTRY FIRST OFFERS! We offer 1TB of free DRaaS, for all mid-sized and large projects through our partnership with Infrascale. Infrascale was selected by Google and comes highly rated by Gartner, so this is a serious offering – not some scaled down imitation!

Don't need DRaaS and protection from Ransomware? Select VisualSP instead. QuixTec will install VisualSP for for one year for mid-sized and large projects through our partnership with VisualSP. VisualSP provides an in-context help system for your users, thus making them self-sufficient and less reliant upon developers. VisualSP pays for itself through the reduction in development hours.

ONLY QUIXTEC offers these professional solutions FREE to clients!

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Business Bulletproofing Package Comparison

These are a few of our available business packages

List of Benefits Law Enforcement Small Business Mid-Size Business
Lowest Hourly Rate (Reduces when more hours are contracted) 1
One Year of Free Bug Coverage
Reduced Post-Delivery Support
1-year World Class Ransomware protection2
24x7x365 Follow-the-Sun-Support On Request On Request On Request
Budget Protection3
FBI CJIS Certified Disaster Recovery

1. Rates reduce based upon number of resources and number of hours.

2. Initial backup performed by QuixTec. Additional backups made by client or auto timer. Can be extended.

3. Budget Protection: Onshore may require minimum hours. Savings typical for medium and large projects.

‘*’ BitSecure – Registered trademark of QuixTec. Codebase is stored in a secure location for one year at no charge.

Don’t see the perfect package for your needs? Then call us to discuss your project needs.


Enterprise Customers - contact us for plans to drive down costs and guarantee delivery.

QuixTec SharePoint Consulting services

QuixTec can help you with

  • Office 365 and redirection of My Sites and libraries to Office 365 OneDrive
  • Custom Wrapper
  • Collaboration and Communication applications
  • Blog/Wiki sites for your organization
  • Team Calendars
  • Web parts and InfoPath forms
  • SharePoint Migrations
  • Consult and build applications on any SharePoint Version
  • SharePoint infrastructure consulting and guidance
  • Implement Office 365 across the organization and help you save infrastructure costs along with secure data storage.
  • Integration of SharePoint with your existing applications
  • BI Configurations
  • Office 365 Migrations

Meet Some of Our Experts

Paul Newtons SharePoint Developer

Microsoft Certified Professional Developer with eight years of experience envisioning, architecting and implementing enterprise solutions using Microsoft SharePoint and .NET technologies. Exposure to work with SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and SharePoint online solutions. Experience with SharePoint services like User Profile Service, Search Service, Reporting Service etc., migration, and architecture design. Knowledge of Office 365 integrated tools like Yammer, Power BI, PowerApps, Flow, Video, Office application etc.

Jessie Williams SQL Developer

Design, Administration, Development, Maintenance, Performance Tuning/Query optimization using Microsoft SQL server and SQL azure. Experience with various SQL server tools like Profiler, SSMS, SSIS, SSRS, PerfMon, DMVs. Experience in troubleshooting and resolving database integrity issues, performance issues, blocking and deadlocking issues, replication issues, log shipping issues, connectivity issues, security issues etc.

Cindy Tran Quality Assurance

ISTQB Certified Test Engineer with over five years of experience assuring quality of web applications developed in different technologies like ASP.Net, MVC, Microsoft SharePoint 2010/2013, Office 365. Experience working with various industries including Real Estate, Insurance, Finance and Automobile. Experience implementing automation testing with a selenium web driver.

QuixTec SharePoint Services

QuixTec helps SharePoint owners and users get the most out of one of Microsoft’s premier products. You will learn not only what SharePoint can do, but what you can do with SharePoint, because a feature isn’t a feature until you can actually put it to use.

QuixTec SharePoint experts don’t just build applications, they transfer knowledge, so when a project closes, you can do most of the future work yourself and only call on us for the heavy lifting.

Our SharePoint developers are as expert as any in the IT Industry. The difference is our commitment to customer satisfaction, from the initial engagement to the delivery and support.

Call us for a free consultation : (425) 367-9025

QuixTec is an Authorized Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Partner

While this partnership is important, what we hold in highest esteem is our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our primary focus is our promise to deliver the highest-performing solutions on time, and within or under-budget. More importantly, after product delivery, our promise continues for one year at no extra cost to you. It’s time the industry stops delivering products that need constant, expensive fixes and starts backing up their work 100%.

That’s just one example of how QuixTec is revolutionizing the IT industry forever!

Come experience the difference. Engage QuixTec in your next project.

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